Dr Fatai Badmus – Black Business Champion

Dr-Fatai-Badmus-651x651R“I realised that businesses, particularly Black-owned ones, cannot easily find trustworthy and effective information that would otherwise propel them to the next level and beyond. The shocking number of small and medium-sized businesses that file for bankruptcy each year is evidence of this. I wanted to do something about that.”

He then created eV.A.N.S.™, the engine that powers Sales Velocity Solutions.

Known by customers and competitors alike as “The Info Solutions Provider”, Dr Fatai has been helping people and businesses (in 4 countries on 3 continents) in multi-faceted ways for over 33 years. He was a Medical Doctor with special interest (psychiatry) for 11 years and was for a time the Psychiatry Lead for a small Caribbean nation.

Moving into IT, Business Analysis and Project / Programme Management, Dr Fatai delivered specialist solutions to many blue-chip companies in the City of London as well as high profile Clinical Information Systems solutions to the National Health Service.

In the last 7 years Dr Fatai has managed to distil an expert system out of his unique skills, training and experience, blending cutting-edge neuroscience with personality profiling. He works hand in hand with companies to help dramatically improve their sales, marketing and relationships performance.

He helps businesses craft marketing messages that are impossible to ignore, get people paying them attention, and get the same people to pay them money.

The best way to see how Dr Fatai’s expertise can benefit your business is to book a 1 hour Quick-Fire Sales Strategy Session with him today. But not everyone qualifies as he can only spend time with business owners that he is confident can benefit from his wealth of experience and expertise. You will get a huge amount of value during the session that will make a real difference to your business right away.

Click here now to see if you qualify for a Quick-Fire Sales Strategy Session.

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